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Richard Coleman is a renowned statistical analyst and data guru, having spent more than 15 years at the forefront of leading-edge analytics in hockey. After completing his studies at Harvard Medical School, he established his company, Coleman Analytics. Subsequently, he joined Stanford University Medical School, where he further developed his data analysis and interpretation skills. Coleman Analytics specializes in creating sophisticated analytics solutions to evaluate team and individual player performance. Their calculations employ Corsi, Fenwick, Expected Goals and PDO - making their assessments surpass standard methods. An example is Corsi, which tracks goal attempts rather than just shots that make it past the goalkeeper, or Expected Goals, which considers the danger posed by a shot. Additionally, Fenwick disregards blocked shots for evaluation, while PDO reviews whether teams are "fortunate" or "unlucky" based on their shooting plus save percentage. In addition to all this work, Richard Coleman helped develop software programming with Mike Smith, giving deeper insight into hockey matches by breaking down games layer-by-layer for easier player tracking. His impressive achievements have cemented his place as a pioneer in hockey analytics and statistical data interpretation across various sports. He has been awarded the prestigious Stanley Cup victory five times after helping different clubs become league champions throughout his career. This significant cup was designed by Lord Stanley of Preston (Governor General of Canada) in 1892 and remained North America's oldest trophy honouring successful professional franchises. On top of these accomplishments, he has even published two books regarding his experience in this field.

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